Beehive Splitting Services (Native Stingless Bees) - LOCATION: YOUR ADDRESS (conditions apply)

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Native Stingless Bees - Tetragonula carbonaria.

We can come to your address (*conditions apply) and split your existing hive in situ.

We provide the materials to create the second hive (empty OATH, foam box, mesh protector) for $55, in addition to the service fee.  NB this is for a standard hive and not a hive with honey super.

Total cost if successfully split:  $155


- Your existing OATH (hive) dimensions must be compatible with our OATH boxes to enable split and a second hive.

- Address must be within 30 minutes of Ku-ring-gai Council.

- If, when we open your hive, it is deemed not to be ready for a split, we will seal it up again.  You do get the opportunity to peak inside the hive.  The service fee of $100 will be charged.

- Should your hive and/or the new hive die at any stage following the split we do not provide any refund or replacement.

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